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Journey To Financial Freedom Book By Tumelo Patrick Matlala

This booklet is essential for every household if not every individual. It is packed with added value topics into the characteristics most often associated with financial success and significance such as:

  • Debt and Personal Financial Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Retrenchment and Resignation Planning

The benefits of having this book

  • Practical and understandable examples are included in the book.
  • If you are already in debt, it helps you clear debts by explaining the simplest and easiest methods.
  • It teaches you the importance of saving and how to go about doing it.
  • It explains why it is important for a person to save and invest, which many of us are not familiar with.
  • It helps you understand the terms used by the bank and retail stores which make life a lot easier for you.
  • This book provides you with the necessary knowledge that is essential to manage your day to day finances.
  • If our children see us planning for our future and theirs, they will automatically do the same thing as they grow which leaves a legacy for them and generations to come.
  • Most people end up broke or not knowing what to do after retrenchment or resigning from work. This book also helps you prepare for that.
  • This book is a great investment for your financial future. It explains in detail the importance of having a will which prevents situations where you will find families feuding for the deceased’s assets.
  • The book on its own motivates and inspires you to be a success because it crushes the mentality that people who are financially successful cheat, enjoy better circumstances, are greedy, lucky, talented or sophisticated.

Key Message: Get the facts

  • Unpleasant Reality: you will face hard times ahead if you do not save and invest.
  • Pleasant Reality: the sooner you start, the better but it is never too late.
  • Best Reality of All: the magic of compound interest.
  • Increasing your financial knowledge is a guaranteed investment in your future.
  • An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.
  • Pay yourself first and make a success of your life.
  • Claim your share of wealth.

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