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One of the biggest failures of our education system is that it does not teach us something that every one of us will need to master - personal financial planning.

We fill this gap by educating our clients on the skills of personal financial management and wealth creation. Our programme aims to teach you all you need to know in order to become financially successful, regardless of whether you earn millions or thousands each year.

Our flagship consultations are designed to teach you all the principles of personal financial management and wealth creation. Completion of these consultations, followed by ongoing application of the techniques learnt will prepare you for financial success.

The topics covered in the consultation include:

Debt and Personal Financial Management

The first section is a detailed step by step plan to accelerate you out of the bad debt trap and show you ways to use good debt to your advantage. Then learn how to manage your hard earned cash on a month to month basis.

Estate Planning

This section teaches you all you need to know about planning what should happen when you are no longer around and how to ensure that you minimize taxes that go to South African Revenue Services and how best to protect your assets.


In this section we will explain the different insurance products as well as the importance of making sure that your existing insurance is correctly structured.

That is are you over paying on your life policies or short term insurance?

Tax Planning

We all pay taxes but few of us actually know how our taxes are structured and why they are structured this way. To minimize the tax you pay over a lifetime it is crucial that you understand how tax works.

Retirement Planning

This section teaches you how to confidently plan for your retirement.

The Golden Rules Of Investment

Here you will learn how the experts make investment decisions.

Astute Investment

This section will cover different investment avenues, in order for you to make informed decisions in the future.

Offshore Investments

Here you will learn the importance of diversification.

Corporate Retirement Benefits

Most of us have either a pension or provident fund which we contribute to every month but very few of us know how they are structured. What happens if you change jobs? This teaches you what you need to know.

Business Assurance

We have come across businesses that collapse when the owners die, especially in our black community, and that is sad. This section will teach you the importance of succession planning, how to protect your business after your death and to continue the normal course of business notwithstanding a change of ownership.

Key Message: Get the facts

  • Unpleasant Reality: you will face hard times ahead if you do not save and invest.
  • Pleasant Reality: the sooner you start, the better but it is never too late.
  • Best Reality of All: the magic of compound interest.
  • Increasing your financial knowledge is a guaranteed investment in your future.
  • An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.
  • Pay yourself first and make a success of your life.
  • Claim your share of wealth.