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Disruptive Wealth Creation Solutions

Rego Wealth Innovators cc is a registered financial services provider which renders financial services honestly, with due skill, care, diligence, and in the interest of its clients.

Rego Wealth Innovators cc

  • Works with its clients to identify their personal financial objectives
  • Provides them with a financial plan and the appropriate financial products to realise these objectives
  • Provides the public with sound financial education through the Journey to Financial Freedom booklet compiled by Tumelo Patrick Matlala to improve their financial wellbeing

Things To Know About Rego Wealth Innovators

We conduct our financial planning in a simple, practical and philosophical context.

Our methods of wealth creation are tried and tested.


  • To teach the public all they need to know in order to become financially successful, regardless of how much they earn.
  • Contribute towards cognitive skills development.